Tag: Murame


  • Murame Ami

    [[:murame-kagetoki|Murami Kagetoki's]] wife. Sons [[:murame-kyoshi]] [[:murame-manabu]] Daughter [[:murame-yae]]

  • Murame Kyoshi

    The eldest son of [[:murame-kagetoki|Murame Kagetoki]] and [[:murame-ami]] Bother [[:murame-manabu]] Sister [[:murame-yae]]

  • Murame Yae

    Daugter and youngest child of [[:murame-kagetoki]] and [[:murame-ami]]

    Bothers [[:murame-kyoshi]] [[:murame-manabu]]

  • Murame Denbe

    *Notable Quotes by Murame Denbe* ----------------------------------- _Denbe: *to Zenshin* "You have gotten more women from tales of my own exploits than I have!"_ ----------------------------------- _Denbe: *after shooting a bandit through the …