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  • Murame Ami

    [[:murame-kagetoki|Murami Kagetoki's]] wife. Sons [[:murame-kyoshi]] [[:murame-manabu]] Daughter [[:murame-yae]]

  • Murame Kyoshi

    The eldest son of [[:murame-kagetoki|Murame Kagetoki]] and [[:murame-ami]] Bother [[:murame-manabu]] Sister [[:murame-yae]]

  • Murame Yae

    Daugter and youngest child of [[:murame-kagetoki]] and [[:murame-ami]]

    Bothers [[:murame-kyoshi]] [[:murame-manabu]]

  • Ikoma Shinji

    *Origin* After being orphaned at the age of six, Shinji was taken in and raised by his uncle's family. He was selected at an early age to study in the dojo of the Lion's Shadow. His uncle, "Ikoma Iroh":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/tenants-of …

  • Ikoma Iroh

    Easygoing, friendly, a bit over-dramatic, and dryly good-humored, Iroh is embodiment of what an Ikoma courtier should be. Something of a hedonist in his old age, he outwardly shows more interest in relaxation and amusements than in the affairs of the clan …

  • Matsu Kinnosuke

    20 Questions 1. What Clan does your character belong to? Matsu Kinnosuke belongs to the Lion Clan. He adheres to the philosophies of his ancestors and is strictly devoted to honor, the code of Bushido, and Akodo‚Äôs Leadership. 2. What family …

  • Matsu Tomoyasu

    Father of Matsu Kinnosuke and Matsu Ogin, married to Matsu Yoshiko. Sensei at Shiro Matsu. Universally respected and reviled for his brash and ruthless devotion to bushido, Tomoyasu carved a bloody path through Lion and Crane lands until he was …

  • Murame Denbe

    *Notable Quotes by Murame Denbe* ----------------------------------- _Denbe: *to Zenshin* "You have gotten more women from tales of my own exploits than I have!"_ ----------------------------------- _Denbe: *after shooting a bandit through the …

  • Matsu Yoshiko

    Mother of Matsu Kinnosuke and Matsu Ogin. Born Asahina Yoshiko, she was married to Matsu Tomoyasu to try and curb his savagery in the wake of his duel against Kakita Bokuden. She is notable for her beauty and tranquility of spirit.