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  • Armor of Iroh

    This Ashigaru armor was once owned by "Ikoma Iroh":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/tenets-of-bushido/characters/ikoma-iroh. He passed it on to his nephew, "Ikoma Shinji":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/tenets-of-bushido/characters/ikoma- …

  • Murame Ami

    [[:murame-kagetoki|Murami Kagetoki's]] wife. Sons [[:murame-kyoshi]] [[:murame-manabu]] Daughter [[:murame-yae]]

  • Murame Kyoshi

    The eldest son of [[:murame-kagetoki|Murame Kagetoki]] and [[:murame-ami]] Bother [[:murame-manabu]] Sister [[:murame-yae]]

  • Murame Yae

    Daugter and youngest child of [[:murame-kagetoki]] and [[:murame-ami]]

    Bothers [[:murame-kyoshi]] [[:murame-manabu]]

  • Ikoma Shinji

    *Origin* After being orphaned at the age of six, Shinji was taken in and raised by his uncle's family. He was selected at an early age to study in the dojo of the Lion's Shadow. His uncle, "Ikoma Iroh":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/tenants-of …

  • Ikoma Iroh

    Easygoing, friendly, a bit over-dramatic, and dryly good-humored, Iroh is embodiment of what an Ikoma courtier should be. Something of a hedonist in his old age, he outwardly shows more interest in relaxation and amusements than in the affairs of the clan …

  • Murame Denbe

    *Notable Quotes by Murame Denbe* ----------------------------------- _Denbe: *to Zenshin* "You have gotten more women from tales of my own exploits than I have!"_ ----------------------------------- _Denbe: *after shooting a bandit through the …

  • Ikoma Yujiro

    Ikoma Yujiro has proven time and again how dangerous he can be in the courts. He has a long list of victories in enemy courts such as the Scorpions. The glory this has earned his family should be enough, but it is not. Yujiro has longed to see the day …