Matsu Tomoyasu


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Father of Matsu Kinnosuke and Matsu Ogin, married to Matsu Yoshiko. Sensei at Shiro Matsu. Universally respected and reviled for his brash and ruthless devotion to bushido, Tomoyasu carved a bloody path through Lion and Crane lands until he was appointed as a sensei at Shiro Matsu.


Tomoyasu is an imposing man with cold eyes and a fierce, stoic expression that hides his fiery nature. He is unforgiving of weakness of any kind and ruthless with both enemies and allies alike.


Tomoyasu’s parents were well-respected samurai: skilled warriors, veterans of the Destroyer War, and heirs to a bloodline that could be traced back to Matsu herself. They held high standards for their six children, of which Tomoyasu was the eldest. At the age of 11 a plague claimed the lives of all of Tomoyasu’s siblings except his brother Kojiro. Tomoyasu teetered between life and death for three weeks, but recovered a changed person. This brush with death marked the end of Tomoyasu’s childhood and he passed his gempukku the following year.

Early Years

At the age of 14 Tomoyasu served as Gunso to his father, Matsu Tomune, during a short campaign against the Scorpion. He suffered several defeats, but managed to preserve his forces through daring, direct maneuvers. The persistent threat posed by his platoon was successful in tying up a significant enough portion of the Scorpion forces to allow Tomune to bring the Scorpion to terms.

Tomoyasu’s daring and ferocity during the campaign earned him a reputation as a skilled and ruthless swordsman, and he was involved in 7 lethal duels in the years following to prove his skill. He developed a reputation as a bloodthirsty killer which he chose to ignore. His mother, Matsu Kitako, expressed dissatisfaction with his conduct which he also chose to ignore.

Head of the Family

On Tomoyasu’s 17th birthday Tomune stepped down as head of the family and appointed Tomoyasu to succeed him. Kitako was displeased with her husband’s decision, believing Tomoyasu would shame the family to ruin with his bloodthirsty and vainglorious behavior. Shortly after his ascension, the daughter of one of Tomoyasu’s ji-samurai retainers forsakes her marriage obligations and flees to Asahina lands. Tomoyasu petitions the Asahina to have the daughter of his vassal returned to fulfill her obligations and is denied. He raises an army to march on Crane lands, but a lack of political support from within the Lion and a series of rapid maneuvers by Crane general Doji Iwanashiro force Tomoyasu to abandon an invasion.

Feud With Kakita Bokuden

Kakita Bokuden was a scion of a minor Crane lord renowned for his skill with the blade. He would travel Rokugan with a full retinue of servants and retainers engaging in exhibition duels and seeking worthy challenges to his Sword of No Hands technique. Bokuden and Tomoyasu met in the streets of Kasakake Mura in Azuma province. Neither man wished to give way to the other, and so began to politely insult one another. The taciturn Tomoyasu appeared outmatched by the eloquent Bokuden until a particularly biting and well-delivered insult left the Kakita temporarily speechless. One of Tomoyasu’s men audibly chuckled at the joke, and Tomoyasu immediately handed the man his wakizashi, commanding his seppuku. He bowed to Bokuden and apologized for his retainer’s rudeness, and commanded his retainers to make way for Bokuden’s retinue. As Bokuden left, Tomoyasu swore there would be an accounting between them, and Bokuden developed a grudging respect for the man.

War With the Daidoji

At 23, Tomoyasu petitioned Akodo Dairuko for the right of a formal blood feud against Asahina Sadatsune, the daimyo who sheltered the daughter of his vassal 6 years prior. Matsu Kenji was furious when she heard of this petition which had effectively been filed over her head and wrote to Tomoyasu commanding him to drop the matter. Tomoyasu did not reply, and maintained his intention to carry out a blood feud. Kenji had need of Tomoyasu’s samurai for a potential campaign against the Unicorn, and Tomoyasu’s blood feud would deny her the troops she needed. Still, Tomoyasu ignored his Daimyo’s command. Word reached Tomoyasu that Kenji intended to travel to Tomoyasu’s estate personally to resolve the issue. Expecting to be executed for his disobedience, Tomoyasu stood before his Daimyo in his best clothes and utterly fearless. Kenji simply asked him, "". Grudgingly, Kenji admitted “Perhaps I misjudged you. You may yet still be of use.”, and withdrew her opposition to Tomoyasu’s request.

Matsu Tomoyasu

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