Ikoma Iroh

Uncle of Ikoma Shinji


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Easygoing, friendly, a bit over-dramatic, and dryly good-humored, Iroh is embodiment of what an Ikoma courtier should be. Something of a hedonist in his old age, he outwardly shows more interest in relaxation and amusements than in the affairs of the clan. Despite his age, Ikoma Iroh often flirts with women (some of them young enough to be his granddaughter), both Samurai and Geisha. He also delights in the consumption of sake. He showed great kindness in taking in his nephew, after the death of his brother and his sister-in-law, and making him part of his family.

He is a seasoned and wily strategist, a master of many fighting styles, and a mentor to his nephew, Ikoma Shinji.

Notable Quotes from Iroh

Iroh: “We really must be going… Is that tea I smell?”

Iroh: “The suspicious mind conjures its own demons.”

Ikoma Iroh

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